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About Me

Modern Fireplace

In 2006 I was able to tap into a job that turned into my  passion …A passion that has a burning flame even today that will never go out ! That semi-custom builder gave me an opportunity which allowed me to grow and learn the business. It allowed me to help thousands of families to get into High End Homes​!


Then I changed locations and builder!  In the new location I started helping families with buying challenges! So I teamed up with some great Loan Officers and together we made dreams come true!


For years now I have faced many challenges and not all challenges posed the same issues … Yet the fight remained … And together we over came them and those buyers also received keys to a home that was desired and most deserving!

As the years passed …

each home that sold... a family received their keys … And my experience grew and my ability to help the next family became easier and easier to get them into their desired homes!

So to sum it up … What you need to know about me? It's simple I love to help those that want to help themselves … And I'll go the extra mile to make sure their experience is worth having !


Anthony D. Burdine (R) GRI

Mr. Monopoly 

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